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The exercise.

Woman knitting, rubber block reduction print, 2008.

Woman knitting, rubber block reduction print, 2008.

And here I go. This blog is an exercise….an attempt to coax myself in to more of a regular practice when it comes to “creating”. ¬†Not perhaps as valuable as a sketch book, but I think there is some potential here. Certainly anything that give me a chance to think about things and document what I’m doing, or maybe even more importantly, what I see. Recently it occurred to me that I wasn’t “making enough”. Not “enough” as in quantity, you understand, but “enough” as in often enough. (I could go on an on about how people in general don’t do enough of the things that they really love doing, but I’ll assume we’re already on the same page there) So here I am, hoping that an (imaginary at this point!) audience will help me maintain a little discipline, or order, and that I will be consciously¬†creative….. more often.

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