cropped and smocked

Today I am playing with smocking, as discovered in my wonderfully dated and now completely falling apart Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework. This meant abandoning a little vest I was working on using Herringbone stitch, which is a shame because I’ve already spent a fair bit of time on it, but I’m just not loving it. But the smocking is enjoyable and I’m hoping to make some kind of….. smock. In my mind this is something that means being tied in the back.  Oh, and it’s also going to be cropped. I can honestly that idea came mainly from word play: cropped, smocked…..


Incidentally, I’m having a horrible time trying to photograph things. Never enough light. And the flash makes things washed out. And we have NO SUN. So so far this has not be the inspiring (inspiring to me I mean)  visual reminder/record of my creative efforts that I had hoped, but maybe with time and practice….


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  1. Hey there

    I find sometimes to photograph closeups I need to back off and zoom in a bit and use the flash. This makes for not so harsh a flash. ALSO, using the over/under exposure button really helps. That’s the +- button found on most cameras. If you underexpose to -1 or -2 on that integer scale, you’ll cut down on the glare.
    See Phil at Carsand-Mosher for a Fujifilm camera that does a great job of combining natural light and flash to obtain a more pleasing look!

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