More Bookworms

Classes are going well! I’m very tired but am enjoying working with kids again. A few things to share….

I like this child’s colour choices:



We made a contact paper and scrap fabric “houses map” after a quilt in the folk art show and The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. This is such a great collaborative project as the children always work so well together on this and the excitement (sticky paper is unbelievably attractive) makes for a really positive creative experience. Nice to see them working together and complimenting each other on their houses. Also lots of interest in  grass (all the green bits).



I also want to share with you some foxes.


This one is dizzy:


We read The Little Wood Duck and then worked with clay. I like to keep the clay experience pretty open, and it’s more about manipulation at this stage, but a few animals were formed. Notably the dizzy fox from the story.


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