Dragons and Chameleons



A few more gems from Bookworms In The Studio. A pretty good week, when all was said and done. Now, did I cut out heads and tails so the kids could all make dragons?? Yes, I admit I did, and I admit it’s a little prescriptive. But we used a number of different techniques that I think the kids really enjoyed, and there was lots of creativity and individuality. Pastels and paint and sponge and cork painting. We also experimented with tissue paper and watered down glue for colour with transparency, layered with markers, and finally some streamers and more tissue (this time with glue sticks). Lots of unique dragons!

This child really came into her element with this dragon (and on the last day!) Usually quite shy and conservative, she took to this with great gusto, and showing some strong creative ideas. Incidentally, the book we read before this was Tikki Tikki Tembo – a great favourite. We also made paper lanterns…… yes, I was getting a bit “crafty”, but it was fun to do after seeing the illustrations in the book.

On our last day we also read A Color of His Own about a chameleon, then I gave the kids lots of different coloured plasticine. (Tip: I discovered when using plasticine with small children to put it in a bowl of warm water before hand, to soften it up. You can easily dry it on paper towl, and it’s much easier for small hands to work.) It’s interesting to see the kid negotiate between two and three dimensions, each taking their own approach. Here are two of my (dare I say it? ) favourite chameleons.



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