From the ocean

My first day of Naturally Creative, another summer art camp with kids 3 – 5. Today we focused on the ocean.

Love this one. It’s a shark  with small fish swimming around it and many small fish in its tummy. The tissue paper takes away from the drawing a bit, but it’s still a good one.


We also did some mono-prints on Plexiglas, again drawing on ocean inspiration. This one is quite poetic. (Happens to be the same child, so you can see again the “circle-fish”.) It’s a school of fish.


And this is also lovely. For younger children, painting (on paper, or in this case on Plexiglas) is less about representation and more about moving paint around. But this child was moving the paint in a very rhythmic fashion, perhaps even like the chopping or swelling of the waves. The result is quite beautiful whether you see the ocean or just feel the motion.



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