Past halfway!

I’m more than halfway through my Naturally Creative class and I’ve a few more things to share. The first being  that this week was not as wonderful as the last….. every group of kids is different, and this one has a few challenges. Some of it could be me too! But I am trying to have a positive attitude and make sure  I am learning from everything. So here are a few things we’ve been up to.

Beads and pipe cleaners – and old standby. I like to have something simple for the children to sit down and do when they arrive so they can warm up before we start a project. Initially we were making bugs but then one child announced she would make a caterpillar. Good call! Dug out The Very Hungry Caterpillar as inspiration.  I’ll definitely do this again sometime, maybe with bigger beads and larger pipe cleaners so our caterpillars can be chunky.


On Tuesday we made some animal tracks using a printing method of cutting foam pieces and gluing them on cardboard. Children love seeing their designs printed. This makes it a great activity but it is definitely one that requires a fair bit of support. Here are some cute “mouse tracks” (also note the random “horse’s hoof”) :


And finally,  some field flowers. These are done by blowing paint drops around with straws and then adding stems. Give the children straws, I say. The quiet focus is pleasing.



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