On waking in the forest.

This week I reinterpreted the contact paper group project to work with our nature theme. (love the contact paper) We went into the gallery and saw a painting by Will Gorlitz. (please excuse poor photo of postcard, but you get the gist)


After a bit of bending over sideways and upside-down we theorized that the painting looked as though the artist was lying on his back looking up at the trees.

Back in the class we made our own forest.


None of the children could remember ever lying on their backs in the forest, so they lay on the floor with their eyes closed while we held their forest over them. When they opened their eyes they were looking up into branches and trunks and leaves. Just the way it would feel if you woke up in a forest.


The quiet looking wood was enlivened the next day when we populated the forest with a variety of woodland creatures, a few exotic species and a “daddy in the shower” (seen here in red, positioned rather immodestly in the centre clearing ).




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2 responses to “On waking in the forest.

  1. What a neat project. The kids must have enjoyed it. Not so sure about the immodest daddy, though. ; )

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