Rain and the love of shiny things.


Rain today! We painted while listening to some rain soundtracks. Didn’t need much imagination for this today!  Then we made rain sticks and created our our rain sound scape. I love how the rain sticks looked lined up side by side.


As it was our last day we were really busy finishing things and getting ready for our “show”.  I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get more photos of our work. I guess I was always otherwise involved.  But sometimes it’s the small things, and the things that often go unnoticed, that make your smile. And I did catch a few of those! Take this child’s colour choices for her rain stick. Conscious or unconscious coordination?


And long after everybody else had left the table I caught lovely little Maya quietly studying her sparkling hands.  Ah, the love of shiny things.



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  1. Lesley Griffiths

    There is a lot of interest and activity around connecting and reconnecting children to nature. here is just one website http://www.childrenandnature.org/

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