Happy Birthday Clare!


Happy Birthday Clare! Here are some birthday makings. Obviously, I made these things before but I didn’t want to share them lest I ruin Clare’s surprise. At first I was at a loss for a theme for the card but then I remembered the chicken story. When we were growing up, there was a year that my sister asked for a chicken for her birthday. What makes this a quintessential “Clare” story is not that she asked for a chicken, but that she was SURE SHE WAS GETTING ONE. Nothing could dissuade her. In preparation for her birthday chicken she even painted a farm scene on the walls inside her closet. To help the chicken feel at home. Ah Clare -Never give up the dream! (and why stop at one, is what I say! Chicken or dream.)


I also made some BIRTHDAY NAPKINS!


This is about the limit of my sewing abilities at the moment and they still look “delightfully handmade”. They are from  a pattern in Weekend Sewing. (I know – you wouldn’t think I would need a pattern for square napkins. But as I don’t really sew it’s good to have everything listed step by step.) Found some beautiful blue and white fabric in a variety of patterns so each side of the napkins match without being the same. I don’t have wonderful pictures of these as I was in a rush to get them sent off in the mail.


Crossing my fingers that the package arrived on time! It’s fun to make things for people!

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