Month of Local Eating: a Manifesto!


Month of Local Eating: a Manifesto!

1. Discover what local food is available and from where.

2. Be creative with making meals and filling in gaps.

3. Develop good shopping habits that support local food to carry on throughout the year.

4. Make a big effort! We’ve got lots of good intentions but it’s easy to be swayed by convenience. The Month of Local Eating challenge is fun and can make fulfilling our good intentions exciting!

5. Share. Find time to share with others our local food experience.

6. Treasure, savour and enjoy the local bounty.

August 1st marks the beginning of our Month of Local Eating. This was something we did last year and quite enjoyed, so we thought we’d have another go. The goal is to buy nothing but local food for the whole month. In general, we try to eat local as much as we can, but we make a fair number of exceptions.  My experience last year was that when September rolled around, there was no big sigh of relief, and we didn’t find ourselves rushing out to buy items we thought we’d miss. We had begun to feel comfortable in a different way of eating, and were able to keep a large part of that going. This is what I call a success!  So this August is to boost our enthusiasm and commitment and become reacquainted with the process.


(Pekoe is in support of the manifesto.)

Maybe throughout the month I’ll share other thoughts and observations, in bite-sized pieces.

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