Toadstool Terrarium.

This toadstool terrarium comes from my Granny Alice. I remember it at her house and  I was always pretty fond of it. Something about a little tiny contained world of green, I guess. It also reminds me of the miniature gardening set she gave me, with a tiny watering can and trowel. I wish I still had those! But I’ve had the terrarium for ages and keep meaning to plant it so when my eye fell upon yesterday I thought “Today is the day!”.

First I took some “before shots”. This is when I realized that the photography would be a challenge!

100_2289 100_2297

So I made a cup of tea.


Then I got to work filling the terrarium. Strictly speaking I think it should be miniature plants but since that was one of the reasons I never got around to planting it, I just used some moss and a few other things from the garden.

100_2312 100_2310

After I was done I decided the terrarium was not complete without a tenant.



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