Go North!

Today was the second day of “The Great Art Adventure”. (3-5 year olds) And today, we went North!

We read a beautifully illustrated book,  “The Three Snow Bears” , and made some snow landscape collages using many different white materials. These included salt and flour – it looked wonderful, the kids were very excited about it, but it did not do so well in the long term. Ah well. Live and learn. Or alternatively , “live and remember” that most children are primarily interested in the experience, and the longevity of the image they create is, in their minds, a distant second.




This created a good entry point to the gallery. We went and looked at some of the Inuit Art collection and talked about carvings and prints. Also started our own prints, but these aren’t done  yet!

And to finish off: Snow Goggles!




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