Jungle birds and Treasure Maps


This is the second time I have done this bird project, and it seems to be a great success. I was originally going for something like those wooden geese with wings attached to strings, but discovered that a paper model would flap its wings simply by being moved up and down.


I think the best part of this project  is that it requires several steps to make. The kids work on them a little, then do something else, then go back to work on the birds again. First pastels, then paint, then collage. As a half hour seems to be about the amount of time I can rely on them to work, returning to a project is a way to get them trully involved in the project. I really should think of more things like this. The beauty of this one is that it is relatively simple, and all the children can accomplish something quite lovely to behold.


A beautiful wing:


The birds were yesterday and today it was “Pirate Day”. We made treasure maps:


Then I “found” a treasure map of the gallery in the classroom. This is what I love about this age – the kids really did believe that this was the REAL THING. Off we went on a treasure hunt, completing various challenges, and finding various way marks. And then we found the treasure!



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