Visiting the Allotment


Just back from a rewarding, all be it HOT, visit to the “allotment”. (This is the piece of ground allotted to us in my parents garden to grow vegetables.) I’ve been over every day for the past week to water, which is a change from the wet beginnings this year. Things are growing well! It’s a little cluttered, and the whole things was definitely not overly planned, but I’m very pleased to be harvesting and eating our own vegetables. In terms of outcomes I was chiefly concerned that there would be SOME success so I would feel encouraged to keep gardening, and I definitely accomplished that. We’ve already been eating peas, zucchini, onions and cucumbers. Today’s harvest: Kohlrabi, Rainbow chard, two lovely big broccoli and some leftover onions I found while planting another row of Swiss Chard. Oh, and another big cucumber not pictured!


Broccoli with Cheese Sauce for supper! Are these not handsome broccoli??




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