Homemade bouillon cubes!

This evening I’m making my own vegetable bouillon cubes. The recipe is from Rodale’s Complete Book of Home Freezing. I borrowed it from the library when we got our freezer and have been continually renewing the loan. I’m quite excited about bouillon cubes. I do use the store bought ones, and often have call for them but I prefer homemade stock for understandable reasons. The  flavour of homemade stock is subtle, but I feel like my taste buds adapt and start to notice the real flavours, not just salt.  I’ve frozen my own but can never seem to make enough and I’m hoping that if I make a few batches of these I will easily be able to add flavour to soups and other dishes. You freeze them in ice-cube trays and one cube flavours one cup of liquid. It calls for a lot of vegetables, but makes a large number of cubes, so I hope it’s worth it.  The vegetables are from Saturday’s trip to the market. I was in a bit of a hurry or I confess I’d probably have arranged them in a colour wheel….



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