Mouse Paint and Colour Wheel Pizza!

My class this week is “At the End of the Rainbow.” Colour is our main focus. Today I tried two new things, and I’m pretty pleased with how they went, though in each case I could imagine some improvements.


As the class is all about colour, I wanted to introduce the children to colour mixing quite early. We read Mouse Paint, my standard colour mixing book. But instead of getting right into mixing, I gave the children pieces of torn white paper to glue on their pages as “mice”. Then I invited them to draw, as one kid put it “everything a mouse needs.” We also drew jars to be the three jars of paint in the story. Then we put primary colours in the jars and “mixed” colours on other parts of the page.


Unfortunately, I was dealing with a “I want my mommy” situation so I didn’t  lead/set this up as well as I would have liked. For example, young children need a colour mixing demo so they understand how to use empty space on their pallet to mix paint, rinse the brush and dry excess water. We followed the mouse project up with some good old fashioned free colour mixing. Colour mixing with kids is usually quite loud as they talk a lot about the colours they are making. Today’s group was a little quiet. This is not unusual on the first day, but it did prompt me to wonder if the kids really *need* that communication comfort level with each other to feel free to go to town with the mixing. It seemed their colour mixing was also ” a little quiet”.   I thought maybe the mixing would bring out the talking, but perhaps it’s the other way around!  But hey, this is ME learning and on the whole I think this activity has potential.


We also made colour wheel pizzas! Much talk about the different flavours.


I cut out the slices from construction paper and the kids assembled their pizzas and then added colourful toppings. They were quite engrossed.  As for improvements – I’m not crazy about the look of the construction paper. The finished products don’t look as special as the amount of attention and care the kids put into them. Some painting, or other technique as the base would be nice. Dried finger paint? We may go back and add things.  I will no doubt be referring to the colour wheel quite often during the rest of the week and plan to use the children’s colour pizzas.


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