“I made lots of oranges.”

I found myself with a little time to fill today and decided to return to colour mixing. This time I offered the primaries, black and white, and a still life “provocation” at each table.


Some fruit. Sheltering from a rainstorm.


It was a good reminder of how many different connections children are making when they have this sort of opportunity. The idea that you can paint something you see by looking at it, that you can choose appropriate colours to represent that thing, that you can mix that colour…. Then you need to remember how to mix the colour – both what colours are needed and the technical skills needed to do this. Lots going on! Sadly, it is not an activity that produces many stunning results (by “take home” standards), but when you are observing the process it’s quite amazing.


Working on the grapes. Purple is actually quite tricky to mix.


Over at the flower table: “I mixed different greens so I could know which green to make the stem. I made lots of oranges.”


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