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Raging success!

Well, it’s September first and our Month of Local Eating was a raging success! Once again we are pretty happily rolling along the local food track and aren’t desperate to jump of the wagon (if I can employ that metaphor)! September is a a wonderful time for local harvest, so we plan to continue to feast on local produce, and even get some in the freezer. All in all it was a wonderful month, and I highly recommend having a go at your own Local Eating challenge! Here are a few miscellaneous local food related pictures I haven’t already shared.

Last night’s supper: a blended borscht with yogurt, grilled cheese sandwiches and cucumber from our garden. Oh, and some apple cider.


Tasty blueberry scones for tea. And then again for breakfast.


Having my parents over for a local meal.


I was inspired by the incredible rainbow of our market spoils to create a fruit and veggie colour wheel. Guess where I got that idea?100_2816

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