Adventures with Apple Galette


Peeling apples in my hand-made, wedding shower gift apron. (I think I’m a better cook when I wear this apron.)

I have never made apple pie until this weekend. Strictly speaking it was Apple Galette, a sort of rustic apple pie. The idea was to use up some of the apples we picked on Saturday. I started off with a good deal of confidence but had a few nervous moments when I realized my departure from the recipe (decision to meld a few recipes together) may not have been the best plan. The filling was two juicy and kept leaking out onto the pan, causing the whole pie to sit in a puddle of sticky goo. But in the end, I don’t think it mattered much.  Anyway, I eventually got one large and two medium Apple Galettes baked and after sacrificing the smallest to our immediate pie cravings, got the other two in the freezer. I must do this again. We have enough apples for it, and I somehow feel that pie making is an important skill! (though I reserve the right to recant if I don’t master it!)


(Sorry it’s not a better photo. Forgot to take more and now it’s too late!)


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