St. John’s!


(I realize this could be anywhere, and we always take the same picture but what can you do??)

I have just returned from a visit to see my sister in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Here are a few high points!


We went for walks. I love  that Signal Hill and a trail along the headland are just a few minutes walk from down town.  Looks especially well on a sunny fall day!


On Sunday we ended one of our walks at a lovely little book store called The Bookery. Clare immediately drew my attention to a book that she thought was “me”, and it may as well have had my name written all over it! It’s called Lost Crafts: Rediscovering Traditional Skills . I bought it – what else could I do? I have a feeling I will be banging on about it in future posts!

Clare is newly passionate about pottery and made me a little mug! She was not happy with the glaze job (I feel she would want me to say that) but I am charmed by the little squirrel and couldn’t care less about the glaze! I think it will be perfect for a little cup of camomile at bedtime. Hooray for handmade things!


During all our walking and talking Clare and I began to formulate a plan for a possible collaborative work project when she returns to Halifax in the winter. We had been wanting to work together but hadn’t really developed a vision until this trip. At the moment we are thinking about combining art and creative writing in some workshops/programs. I really think there is some potential here as both would compliment each other so well. Also, though we’ve had different experiences, Clare and I are of like minds and would work together well.  The whole thing is quite exciting!

Thanks, Clare and Jon, for a lovely few days!


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  1. Katie

    Pretty much everything in this post makes me happy.

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