Painting Apples

It sometimes seems funny to me that I went to “Art School” and never learned how to paint. The fault is mine, of course, as I didn’t take any painting classes. In retrospect, I think this because I had never really painted, and just assumed it wasn’t my thing. Recently I’ve been thinking maybe I should work on that a bit.

I somehow ended up with a tiny canvass (4 X 4 “) and that seemed safe for a start.  I know working from a photo isn’t ideal, but I painted from a picture taken on our apple picking outing. I painted with acrylics.

So, not a masterpiece, but to show for the record that I gave it a go, here it is:


I enjoyed it. It is unfamiliar and I definitely feel somewhat “out on a limb” but there is also a bit of it that feels a tiny bit natural. So I resolve to try and build some skills and see if I can become more comfortable with this painting business!


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