Partners for Care Farmers’ Market


I just returned from the Partners for Care Farmers’ Market. (They don’t state the hours but I read somewhere it is from 10-2.) I have been hearing about this all summer and I’m glad I finally got a chance to go. It’s mostly made up of folks who are down at the Halifax Farmers Market on Saturday so I saw quite a few familiar faces. It’s popular and busy but being outside stops it from feeling crowded.

I was thinking only the other day that sometimes it seems like we need to go to the market for NOW, and then go again to get food to freeze. So I took this opportunity to buy food for the freezer; tomatoes, raspberries, blue berries, broccoli and swiss chard.  But though I focused on freezer produce I also picked up my favourite yogurt from Fox Hill (seriously, if you haven’t tried this you haven’t tried yogurt), a lovely loaf of sour dough bread and apple juice that was apples at 7:30 this morning! Lovely little outing on a beautiful fall morning.



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