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Rose Hips


Rose Hips! These lovely little beauties were historically used as a boost of much needed vitamin C in the winter months. I have been intending for a while to pick rose hips a but whenever I tried to picture where I had seen wild rose bushes I drew a blank. Last week I suddenly remembered that there are some at a nearby playground so off I went with a little bag. I felt a little conspicuous as I tried to pull rose hips from the bushes in a discrete manner, but I don’t suppose anybody minded. There were plenty there and I only took enough for a small bag, making sure there would still be lots for the birds.

I made some rose hip tea but though I tried very hard to like it, I didn’t. Afterwards I read that you are supposed to wait till the first frost before picking them, so I may have been a bit early. And it may be an aquired¬†taste. They are now in the freezer waiting for me to find another way to use them.

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