Workshop Prep: Collagraph

Today I am doing a bit of prep for a workshop I’ll be teaching next week. I wanted to do some kind of printing project and have settles on collagraph prints. A collagraph is a printing plate made by glueing things to the surface. I’ve done this with children using foam sheets, but I wanted to try it with cardboard. I also wanted to see how painting the plates would work, instead of using a roller. As a starting point to the design process, I’ve decided to ask the participants to build images around an initial. (more on that when I do the workshop!)

First I cut out, arranged and glued pieces of cardboard to my “plate” (another piece of cardboard). I also made one that incorporated some bubble wrap and cloth. (Note how I remembered to make my C’s backwards!)


In an effort to keep material costs low I thought I’d try using acrylic paint for printing, as I’ll need that for another project with the same group. I painted the whole plate, using different colours. You have to work very fast as the paint dries quickly!


Then I placed a piece of paper carefully on top of the plate and applied gentle and even pressure with a rolling pin.


I think this has scope for a kids project, but this workshop is for adults and I don’t think they would be as happy with the results. So…..I resorted to the  roller and printing ink and I’m happier with this version. So I guess I’m pretty much back to where I started!


But I’m glad I experimented. I liked the way my second block looked when I inked it up – you can see the colour from my previous efforts. I may try adding some colour to the print somehow when it’s dry.



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5 responses to “Workshop Prep: Collagraph

  1. Boots

    I love this.

    Enjoying your blog very much.

    BlundstonedLove X

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  3. Lovely to see your ideas. I’m currently preparing for a collagraph activity with kids myself. Might you start by marbling some paper, then printing on it in black? That would be simple and look beautiful.

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