Design in progress and “Love blooms eternal”

Design in progress:


A little vest I’m working on. I’ll most likely finish it today but then I’ve got to write up the pattern and find some lovely volunteers to test knit it, so it won’t be on the website for a while.  But as it is what I’m working on these days, I thought I’d give you a little peek. It’s a cuddly baby vest using a simple chunky lace pattern I devised. I wanted something a bit, for want of another word, lumpy, but also quite open, for a fast knit. I’m pleased with it so far and will blog about the finished pattern when it is ready for sale.

While I was out in the garden photographing my knitting, I also thought I’d snap a picture of this:


It’s a rose bush my aunt and uncle gave us for our wedding. It was blooming when they gave it to us (July) but has since shot up another shoot and is blooming again. In October! We’ve been joking about it, of course – “love blooms eternal” and all that. I’m not a gardening expert, but it does seem strange to see a rose blooming while everything else in the garden is beginning to look distinctly past its prime and the grass is covered with fallen leaves.


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