This year, Thanksgiving was held at my parents’ house, with a group of family friends converging, each bringing a number of tasty dishes!  A recipe for success, I’d say. Everything was very tasty! Didn’t get as many food shots as I wanted – I can’t seem to take good photos with a flash! But just take my word for it – it was good!

A floral centrepiece Susan put together:


Mum’s artsy and very tasty hour d’oeuvre:


For our part, we contributed : Bombay Turnip! We harvested two turnips from the allotment and Gary made a recipe he found online.


I made some pumpkin and tomato soup (with a bit of a cayenne kick) as a starter.


I also invented a little salad specifically for the occasion. Perhaps I’ll call it Thanksgiving Salad.

– 2 pears

– 2 grated carrots

– some purple cabbage

– raisins

– roasted pumpkin seeds (from the same pumpkin I used to make the soup)

Dress with a bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a smidgen on maple syrup.


“Sufficiently sufficed”, as my Dad would say.  And this was even before dessert!


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