Paint and Mirrors


We had our second Autism Arts class on Saturday. It went quite well, and was surprisingly calm. I think everybody was just that little bit more comfortable.

In the last class we had noticed that two of the children enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirror. They kept wandering into the supply closet in search of the mirror, so we found a little corner to put one up in the class. This week I was watching one of the children walking about, and how he kept returning to the mirror, and I wondered if we could incorporate the mirror into some art making. I quickly set out a long mirror on the painting table – it’s good to improvise! Funnily enough, it was another child who jumped right into mirror painting. At first, he seemed to find it fun to paint something and watch himself “eating” it. Then it became a rather more sprawling exercise. And after that he discovered how the paint could be removed with a sponge – artistic subtraction. Eventually, the boy for whom the project was intended came over and did a bit of work on the mirror. He also helped clean it after the painting was done. I’m going to give it some thought and find more ways to use the mirror in our art activities. Some more painting, of course, but I would also like to stretch a piece of contact paper, sticky side up, over  a mirror so the kids could do some simple collage with a mirror background. I’ll keep you posted!


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