Care Package

Yesterday I finished my little care package project. Just a quick little neck-warmer using a lace rib pattern and DK merino held double.


I attached buttons and because the pattern structure includes many little eyelets, I didn’t have to worry about getting a buttonhole in the exact right place. Incidentally, I really haven’t mastered taking arm-length photos of myself. I took about a million and still haven’t achieve any kind of intentional framing!


Also for the care package –  Teapot Cookies! (this was the “feeding” part of the caring)


I used a basic sugar cookie recipe,  minus the vanilla, added 1 tbsp of loose Earl Grey tea leaves for each cup of flour, and replaced the vanilla with some lemon juice and rind. I think in retrospect that shortbread would make a particularly good vehicle for tea flavour as the ratio of sugar to the other ingredients is a little less, and that might help the subtle tea aromas come through more. Still, Gary had one before he knew what they were and said immediately “It tastes like Earl Grey”. Just think of the tea possibilities! Oh, I just thought: PossibiliTEAS.


I added a handmade card, a few bits and bobs and the care package was in the mail!


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