Yarn Bits for Birds

Yesterday I was cleaning up a little pile of yarn ends left after my weaving-in on a pair of socks when I thought of the birds. I have heard of people providing pieces of yarn and string to birds for nest-building. Of course, it’s a little out of season, but this is the prime knitting time, so it actually makes perfect sense to start collecting now.I did some research and it appears that the yarn should be in 2 – 3″ pieces, to prevent the little birdies from being tangled up. Standard delivery methods are mesh onion bags or suet cages. I think maybe I’ll see if I can come up with something attractive made out of a recycled material. Alas, Pekoe has proved himself a keen hunter so I don’t want to actively encourage nearby nesting – I would feel complicit if tragedy (in the guise of Pekoe) should strike. Maybe I can make a few “yarn dispensers” to give away. And come up with a nicer name.

So let the collection begin! Maybe it is the perfect thing to be thinking about as the weather gets colder; a reminder that spring, however far off, will come again. But I’ll tell you what HAS come – my copy of Selvedge! So many beautiful things to look at.



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