Let the Christmas Crafting Begin!

Is it too early? It might be. But seeing as every year I find myself with not enough time to do all of the Christmas crafting I want, it makes sense to get a good head start! I’ve already, as a blogged early, got a start on Christmas knitting, but that isn’t the same because the projects are not deliberately Christmas-y. Yesterday, November 1st, I made my first Christmas ornament gift. I was trying to think of a nice design for an ornament and then assemble a bunch all at once, but that was getting me nowhere. So I decided to just start making and see where it takes me. I may make a bunch the same or no two alike, who knows?  In honour of the start of Christmas crafting, I have made a new category: Celebrations.

I started out with the intention of making a little character, but was inspired by a stone sculpture at the art gallery. Several people, somewhat lumped together, are carved out of the same piece of stone. It’s kind of hard to tell where one person stops and another begins. Once when I was talking with the kids about it somebody said they thought it was a family. Here is my “little family” ornament. And as luck would have it I know a new family for whom an ornament like this will be particularly fitting.




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