The First Snow


I can’t help it. Even as others grumble about the weather and complain that winter has come too early, that this is the beginning of an unending cold season, I can’t help but feel excited about the first snow. I don’t know if it’s just an optimistic, positive attitude, but I always feel ready to embrace the change in seasons. Spring is always welcome, and the summer – these are easy to understand, but somehow I’m also eager to greet the fall, and then the winter, when it comes. I suppose too, that this is a rather practical approach, since it’s all going to happen, and we may as well celebrate!


This morning we woke up to snow. Wet snow, admittedly, but snow on the ground nonetheless. And snow sitting heavily on the branches of trees; something pleasing to the “artist’s eye”. In the garden, our “marriage rose”, still blooming, was bent over with the weight of the snow, pink and green looking so fresh against white.


It seems a peculiar thing to be picking flowers in  November, but I cut the rose and took it inside to melt. As I write this I am listening to one my favourite winter music album Den Fragraste Rosa (The Loveliest Rose), by Bukkene Bruse, named for the song “The Loveliest Rose has been found”. Fitting, I thought.  And does it not create a beautiful image, the idea of discovering a lovely rose, and all it stands for, in the midst of a snowy white world? So here’s to the first snow, that magic that happens every year, and the lovely moments to be found!


(I’d better post this before the snow turns to rain!)


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