Following the success of the yogurt making, I tried my hand at some yogurt cheese, or labneh. Thursday has become my yogurt making day, but this week I found myself with yogurt left over, so I was happy to put some towards a cheese experiment. I put 2 cups of yogurt in a cheese cloth and hung it to drip into a bowl. I left it there all day (well, I actually checked on it at fiddled with it, but essentially left it…). Then I dumped it into a bowl. It firmed up a little once I put it back in the fridge. And that was that – a lovely spreadable cheese! I must say I love the lines of the cheesecloth on the cheese. Very rustic.  I saved the whey (the liquid that comes out) because I’ve heard you can use that for cooking to add a little nutrition. Today I mixed up a little with some chopped onion, salt and pepper. I’m excited to experiment with it some more!



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3 responses to “Yogurt CHEESE

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  2. Bee

    I love yoghurt cheese! Have you tired marinating little balls in olive oil and herbs. So yummy!

  3. heat full fat milk to about 176 F, take it off the heat add lemon juice till the milk begins to curdle, stir it a little…the curds and the whey seperate – use cheese cloth like you did with the yogut above and you have cheese. I flovour it with row garlic salt and chives. It takes about 5 mins to make and is wonderful. Love your blog … just about to start experimenting with nettles 🙂

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