Stir-up Sunday

It’s Stir-up Sunday: the day when one traditionally makes Christmas pudding. That is, if one likes Christmas pudding. I don’t. But I like the idea of it, and the tradition. I’ve only every been involved as a “stirrer”, when Mum made puddings, but I haven’t made my own, for obvious reasons. This year I decided to mix it up a bit, and to stir-up some panforte instead.

I first came across panforte two years ago, when I was introduced to it by Mimi at The Loop. “This” I thought ” is something I can get behind.” It’s a wonderful concoction of nuts and dried fruit and spices and cocoa and sugar and honey, with a long history. Has to be tasted to be believed, I think it is fair to say, and more than that, the idea itself is simply delicious. Last year I made panforte for us, and to give away as gifts. This year I was determined to make my panforte on Stir-up Sunday, thereby getting at least one of my feet in the tradition.

Of course, I only realized last night that it was Stir-up Sunday today. It seemed like there was a lot going on this weekend but I said I was going to stir my panforte, and damn it, that’s what I would do! Not quite the sentiment, I’m sure, but never mind. After a hasty trip to the bulk barn I toasted nuts, chopped dried fruit and boiled honey and sugar.Just to muddle with the traditions some more, I threw in a coin. (2 p, incidentally, because we didn’t have any Canadian change we felt was big enough to be safe!)

Then, as tradition dictates, we both had a good stir. And Gary made a wish. I forgot to make my wish so I had to make it after. Then the oven was all heated and ready and I realized it was time for us to go over and give my father supper. But finally, the panforte is done and cooling on the counter, waiting to be wrapped up and stored away till Christmas. A new tradition.




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2 responses to “Stir-up Sunday

  1. mimi

    Inspiring! The weather may be warm, but you’ve turned my thoughts to Christmas spices.

  2. I have to admit this is the third time I have visited your website and I am loving it! I added your website to my rss reader. Looking forward to see more updates!

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