A Lunch Basket

Again with the feeding as an expression of love; a little mid-week (mid stress and exhaustion) lunch date. Chickpea Curry tries to save the day, and if it can’t save the day it’s at least going to fill you up.

My bike not only carries a basket, but makes a basket the most practical choice for ferrying things (or more often than not, food) about. You can “pack” a basket in a way that you can never do with a back-pack, and it rides in its own purpose-built carrier.  My bike transforms the basket from a sad anachronism  to a cheerful and useful option. More picnic style outings have been inspired by this little basket than I can count. Some people would think I’m making this up, but I swear I feel differently about a lunch packed in a basket than one in a bag. It’s a small thing, but it lifts the spirits. And we can all use that sometimes!


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