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Birdseed Experiment

I embarked on some more gift-making today. I found a few recipes online for making birdseed treats for the birds (who else) and decided to try some out. I still have to wait to let them dry and see how well they are going to stick together. It does seem like the kind of thing that will take a bit of experimenting, but so far so good. I’ll link the recipe once I know if it’s going to work.

I used some simple cookie cutters to make the mixture into shapes. You can’t do anything with much detail. I also pressed some into muffin tins and made holes in the middle so that they look a little like wreaths. Then I decorated them with dried cranberries. If they work out I’ll string them up with twine or raffia. I’ll be interested to see if the birds like them. I do sort of wonder if they need something to hang on to while they are feeding, as they do at most feeders, but it wouldn’t be hard to hang the treat on a simple piece of wood, maybe with some texture so they could hang on. We shall see.

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