Welcome Wreath

We’ve had our wreath from the Ecology Action Centre for a week now, but I just got around to decorating it. I had plans to do something with cranberries and popcorn but we didn’t have any of either, and I didn’t seem to be making any progress in getting any, so I decided on the gingerbread. I used my new Christmas cookie cutters and some ribbon and raffia and there you have it! I think it looks quite jolly!

Christmas is getting closer! It’s about this time every year that I have all sorts of ideas of things I want to make and do and I start to realize that it’s not all possible….. But that’s when I remind myself just to enjoy what I am doing. I love making cookies, or knitting presents, or designing cards and I am determined only to be happy about what I’m making, not regret things that didn’t get made!



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2 responses to “Welcome Wreath

  1. Nicole

    Your wreath is marvellous – how creative (and delicious!). I’d like to know if you ever have difficulty with birds eating your Christmas décor..? I have some fairly eager bluejays that might love your concept even more than the neighbours! I suppose I could just go all the way and use your bird treats on my wreath…

    • Thanks! It’s hard to tell, but our wreath is hung on an inside door – we have a little porch. So no trouble with birds. But two fell off because they got a little soggy. I think though that if you cooked them nice and crisp, then coated them with something like thinned white glue that would solve the problem.

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