Growing Things

The lettuce seeds are up! They sprouted faster than I expected so we don’t have a permanent light set-up in place yet.  I rigged up a temporary solution (using our clothes horse) as I worried they would get too leggy reaching for light. They already look a little tall and spindly so I hope they will be ok. The swiss chard is a bit slower to germinate but I saw a few just peeping up from the soil. Not the most exciting picture but I felt the need to document this step.

And the sprouts were a success! It’s quite amazing how fast they grow. I found they made me oddly squeamish in their jar, poking through the cheesecloth, but once they are in a bowl or on the plate I’m ok. I started another bunch today. The broccoli sprouts have a nice peppery flavour I remember noticing on our broccoli from the garden (must more so than any other I’ve had). I look forward to trying some other sprouts. They were ready on Monday – it takes about 5 days.

And here is something else that’s on the go – sourdough starter. Again, not an exciting photo. This is Day Three for the starter and it is already bubbly and smelly. I used this recipe. I have a beautiful bread book that writes about sourdough IN DETAIL. But it uses rye flour for the starter, and I didn’t have any.  And I also admit that I like the simplicity of the recipe I’m using. Maybe when I become more accustom to working with sourdough I’ll give the real “baker’s recipe” a go.

Update: Just after posting this the “family recipe” for sourdough bread arrived in the mail from my aunt. (We had talked about it on our last visit, which sparked my interest.) It is a very different recipe that involves milk and sugar and yeast. I think all three of my father’s sisters use this recipe that comes from my  Grandmother so I definitely want to bake my way into the tradition! I’ll wait till I try out the starter I’m working on now and then I’ll try this recipe!



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6 responses to “Growing Things

  1. Rachael

    How sweet that little recipe card is! I wish I had an aunt that would send such things! It’s nice to get actual POST mail instead of emails.

  2. Boots

    Do you know that when you pot on seedlings you can plant them deeper if they are leggy?

    But don’t leave it till the true leaves start forming.

    • No, I didn’t! Don’t know much about the whole thing and it’s all a bit trial and error. At least I’ll have it documented. 😉 I just did some more reading and have put the seedlings much closer to the light. I’m not sure if they are *too* leggy or not….. I wish I had more knowledge about *when* to pot them on.

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