More Lettuce and Bread Enthusiasm!

Today I transplanted my little lettuce seedlings to their permanent home. I didn’t do a terribly good job of it, and next time I’ll sew them directly in a big container. (I didn’t do that because the container was frozen from being outside and I was impatient and wanted to start planting!) Still, they might struggle along and do ok. Time will tell.

You may have seen in my last post I started a sourdough starter. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to flourish and again, I got impatient. (This seems to be a theme!) I had an urge to make new bread so I used this recipe online. It’s from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. This is achieved by mixing large quantities of a very soft dough that can live in the fridge (much like a starter). You then use a portion of it to shape and bake a loaf when it suits you. I loved the recipe, and the idea, so I went out and bought the book. I have to say too that the book includes a lot of good information and details so if the idea seems like your kind of thing you probably want to buy it.  I’ve got a loaf’s worth of dough left to bake but I already want to make more and experiment with the different recipes. I think the flavour will change as the dough ages. This is also a perfect situation to use scrap dough. Bakers sometimes use a piece of “scrap dough” from a previous batch and add it to a new dough, which helps the flavour. I’ve used this technique once before but actually mixed up a bit of dough as my scrap. This time I’ll simply save a little from what I’ve got in the fridge already. I’m afraid I’ve got no pictures – we ate all the bread already. But I’m pretty enthusiastic about this so I’m sure I’ll have photos in the near future!



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