Bits and Pieces

Please excuse the somewhat chaotic nature of this post. I feel I’ve got a bunch of things to share, none of which are enough for their own post.

Thursday was my first night back at SHYM (Supportive Housing for Young Mothers) since the holidays. I know it is cliché, but we are making paper mache pigs. Piggy banks to be exact. But to be fair, it was specifically requested, and they are certainly enjoying it, which is what matters.

This morning I had my second autism art class. It is an entirely new crew this session and there is a WORLD of difference. The group we had before had some particular challenges and while I was quite happy to tackle them, and learn from them, I am very excited about this new group. They have the ability and desire to engage in the projects I set out, and seem very happy to be there. The class isn’t without its challenges, of course, and focus is an issue. The kids circle round the room, producing art at quite a speed, but it is gratifying to see them enter into each project. Two of the girls (6) eagerly set up their own “still life”s which they proceeded to draw. (With great speed, as always, but also a fair attention to detail.)

And this afternoon I’ve been working on my Valentine Project. I’ve hit upon the idea of making block-printed valentines to sell to raise money for Haiti. It won’t be a huge money-maker or anything, I’ve just been thinking recently about  people who find ways to “do what they do” to help others, and I figured it’s time to stop thinking and start doing. It’s still very much in the design stage, but I feel that if I document it here I’ll be more likely to carry through with my plan. Rest assured I will keep you updated, and if I know you in real life I’ll be tracking you down to buy one!


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