The Valentines for Haiti Project: Work Progesses

Work is progressing on my Valentines for Haiti Project.  This is a grand sounding name for what is essentially me carving and hand-printing a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards and hopefully finding people to buy them. Proceeds will go to Haiti earthquake relief, although I still haven’t settled on an organization. When I began my first attempts at designing I found myself worried a fair bit about my “audience”, and trying to design something that would appeal, but then I reminded myself that I do my best work when I am pleasing myself and creating something unique!  So after a bit of deliberation, I chose as my subject “Cupid the Honey Thief”. This is an obscure story about cupid stealing honey and being stung by a bee.  Albrecht Durer’s representation of the scene is perhaps the most famous. It isn’t overly romantic, so I’m hoping people could use a card like this for, well, anybody they love, not just their”significant other”. And it’s still the quintessential Cupid valentine, but with a little twist. So here’s my valentine:

Cupid the Honey Thief

This morning, after performing a few tests, I printed my first 11 cards. (11 fit nicely on my make-shift drying line) I think the red looks nice but I’ll probably print some pink and gold too. I’ll be spending a fair bit of time on this so I’ll probably be blogging more about the project, including a step by step printing tutorial. And of course, I’ll be pushing the cards!


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2 responses to “The Valentines for Haiti Project: Work Progesses

  1. Liz Barry

    This is absolutely fab – I would love to buy a bunch from you, and either sell them to my friends or use them as and when, or both – if you can be bothered to send them abroad? Would *of course* cover your postage costs from Canada as well as buying them – but quite understand if that doesn’t quite fit with the ‘business’ (i.e. charity) model at the moment. Logistics of cash conversion etc. may be a bit tricky. Do you have a UK bank account? Anyway, you may want to stick to local punters at the moment, but if you feel like expanding internationally, do let me know!

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