The Valentines for Haiti Project

Introducing my Valentines for Haiti Project! (I know I already mentioned it but I didn’t make a formal announcement!)

These Valentines are hand-printed from hand-carved blocks on high quality, acid free paper and come with envelopes. They also have lovely blank insides for your very own words of love. The cost $5.00 each and net proceeds (proceeds minus cost of materials) go to UNICEF Canada. Cards are labeled on the back so your family, friends or sweetheart will know about the project. To everybody in my area: I’m going to have cards with me wherever I go, and as every card counts let me know if you are interested and I’ll find a way to get one to you! This Valentine’s Day you can let somebody know you love them and give to a worthwhile cause – What’s not to love about that?

Since I last posted, and after some careful consideration, I picked UNICEF as the recipient of the project. I looked at several organization that are doing great work and settled on UNICEF because, along with believing they are very experienced I particularly appreciated their comments about the need to protect orphaned or unaccompanied children from exploitation and trafficking. I know. It’s pretty horrible to contemplate but I’m glad they are working on that. We just need to support them.

To date I have sold 30 Valentine Cards – that’s one selling session and one generous cousin!  I really don’t have a clear goal of numbers and am just printing as I go, hoping to sell as many as I can. Hope this is just the beginning! I’m also gaining the confidence to engage in some pretty shameless self-promotion because I feel it’s for a good cause!


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