Little Orange Bear

N and her little orange bear.

I’m sharing this a bit late because of all the printing and organizing going on around my Valentines for Haiti project. In last Saturday’s autism art class we had a little sewing fun! At one table I had some embroidery hoops set up with some bright coloured cloth and thread, and containers of beads and buttons. The children were quite interested, though it was sometimes hard to keep up with threading the needles. One little girl who is doesn’t often stay still for long spent a good 20 minutes working at the station. It got me excited about using cloth stretched on a frame so they can use painting and sewing to create an interesting piece. At the other table I taped down pieces of cloth and put out fabric markers for the kids to draw a stuffy. I brought my sewing machine along to sew up the toys and then we stuffed them. In fact, I was kept so busy with that, and the afore-mentioned embroidery that I only got one photo. But it’s a good one! Only noticed the matching colour when I got home.


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