Chutney Bread

There have been other things going on around here besides food preparation, but it may not look that way! Earlier in the week I made a loaf of Chutney Bread and documented the process. Unfortunately several of my photos are out of focus, but I’m enthusiastic enough about the chutney bread not to care too much.

I am still loving Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and am gradually perfecting my technique. I wanted to do something a bit fun with the dough so I decided on Chutney Bread. I used the chutney I made back in December. The recipe for the dough is found here. (Though I would make two corrections. First, use about 2/3 the amount of salt if using regular salt. The original recipe used corse grain salt so this makes a difference. Also, if using the dough FROM THE FRIDGE the original recipe recommends letting the cold dough rise/rest for 1 hour. 40 minutes is for the dough that hasn’t been refrigerated.)

First step: Took some dough from the fridge. Sprinkled flour on the counter and rolling-pin and rolled dough to a rectangle shape.

Step two: Spread Chutney over the surface of the dough. I think I was a little too liberal with the chutney so I would maybe be more restrained next time.

Step three: Roll it up, jelly roll style and fold over the ends.

Step four: Flipped the roll over so the ends were underneath and gently shaped it into a ball. Let it rest for an hour on a cornmeal sprinkled peel.

Step five: (Which I almost forgot.) Dusted loaf with flour and made several cuts.

Step six: Baked at 450. Time varies with size of loaf. Mine was about 1 1/2lb so I think it was about 45 minutes. As I’ve mentioned before, it is very easy to under-bake  (happens WAY more than over-baking) so I generally bake it until I think it is done and 5-10 minutes longer.

This smells wonderful and tastes divine. Perfect for a cheese sandwich. Part of me knows that it might be less complicated to simply spread chutney on bread but never mind that!


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