Valentines for Haiti: A Success!

The Valentines for Haiti Project has reached it’s completion and I’m pleased to announced that thanks to everybody’s support I raised $528! That’s 128 cards sold (and printed – oh my!) and a $5 donation minus the cost of the cards, ink and the block. Many more that I thought when I started the project, and I’m very grateful for the support and encouragement I received. According to UNICEF Canada’s website, $500 can provide 16 emergency first aid kits, $100 can provide a basic family water kit for 10 households. Realistically, of course, I know they will just use the money where it is needed, but it is sometimes nice to get a feel for what the money can do.

I’m very happy with how the thing went and I don’t think I would do anything differently. The cost of the cards was higher than I would have liked, and obviously it is better to buy in bulk or maybe even wholesale, if you know you are going to make a large number. But….I didn’t know, and really had no way to predict so I just had to buy the cards in boxes of 20 as I went. On the positive side, printing from a single block meant that when it comes to the block, my expenses would be the same with a small number as a large number so the more I sold the less I would have to keep back per card for expenses.

And on a personal creative note, this was a wonderful project to work on. I got lots of printing practice and it helped get me used to printing on a larger scale. And every time I set up a table to sell or asked somebody if they wanted to buy a card I would have that little pang of nerves…. To be honest it didn’t really go away, but I got used to it, which I guess is means I’m growing a little bit of confidence.

So I think we can call this a success! Thanks very much for all the support!


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One response to “Valentines for Haiti: A Success!

  1. Andrea

    Catherine, congrats on raising $528 for UNICEF Canada with your Valentines for Haiti Project! That’s amazing!

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