Knitting Forecast

What’s on the needles?? Right now I’m working on Forecast in Cascade 220. I bought this yarn ages ago to make myself a sweater. I started a few different patterns but they never went anywhere. (they?? To be fair it was me!) This is the first project I’m knitting for myself since my wedding skirt and I’m kind of excited. It’s coming along very quickly, which is gratifying. The pattern is very simple, although I noticed near the end she abandons the “RS, WS” labels on the rows which would have been useful to have. Bit concerned it will be too small but have noticed that the most common comment on Ravelry about this pattern is that it fears it would be too small were largely unfounded as it is very stretchy, so I hope that’s the case for me. I’m working on the first sleeve so hopefully I will be posting a finished photo of it soon!

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