Texture Pendants

Our “Texture Pendants” from a few weeks ago at the autism art class. The initial set up was a collection of different objects with interesting textures and clay. Building object out of clay to dry can be tricky for very young children, or in a situation like this one where I may not be able to get the attention to demonstrate joining techniques. Introducing texture possibilities allows for clay manipulation and experimentation without the inevitable “snow men” constructions. To be fair, this lot would probably catch on how to join pieces quite quickly but I felt this was a good first experience to gauge their interest. I had originally planned for them to make large textured slabs. This they did, in about 3 minutes, and then rolled them up and started again and again. Lovely clay experimentation. (We also had a mastodon tusk.)

Then the smaller pieces began and so together we created a whole plate of textured “pendants”. They really look quite beautiful all together.

We’ve had various things on the go so we haven’t got around to painting them yet, but it’s my hope that we can get them all painted, and perhaps hung up in some kind of a display. But you never know with these guys – they could be terribly enthusiastic or not at all interested. We shall see. I’ve got some metallic paint which, like sequins and glitter, can be a draw!


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