Another Saturday Morning

Autism Art Class this morning. It was a busy one! This time I stuck to offering only two activities to begin with to try to increase focus. It worked pretty well and they stayed pretty engaged for the first 45 minutes. And even after that they were content to work on their own things. They move fast, this lot, so it can be tricky to find a second to sneak in a photo! No time for good composition, I’m lucky if I can just document what was going on!

Most popular was the pendant painting – “N” is determined that these should be for sale next week and each pendant has been given a name and a price. I’m not sure about the money thing, but this idea does seem to have them interested and gives the project a bit of shape. We were brainstorming presentation/packaging ideas as that might be something we could explore next week. Fingers crossed I will get a nice shot of all the finished pendants.

They also worked on their canvasses. We started these canvasses because I wanted them to have a chance to work on a piece for a while, adding things here and there. Especially since at least for some of them, there is a tendency to create something in three seconds flat. They painted the ground  a few weeks ago and today they added collage elements, or painted according to their choice.

This is something from “C” that isn’t about dinosaurs!  I’m really pleased with his work on this one, and am only sad he is missing the last class so won’t be able to continue to work on it.

This little boy does is not interested in much more than drawing, so for him to have worked this much on his canvas is an accomplishment.

“R” kept coming back to the mirror with her work as if she was trying to see how they looked together.

Overall, a great class. To get photos in this class though, you almost need a dedicated photographer!


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