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Painting at SHYM

Last night we had an evening of painting at SHYM. It was pretty low-key and relaxed, and probably made a little more so lots of people seemed to be dealing with colds or sick kids. I brought enough small canvasses for each to have one with the idea that they would be hung together on the wall kind of like a quilt. I realized that in all our sessions we still hadn’t made something to go up on the wall! Now, I think it feels like we’ve had more sessions than we actually have because it’s been every other week, and some of those have been baby art, but that did seem like quite the omission. We now seem to be in a pattern where different people are doing different projects in each class. Partly, I think, because of the pigs. Doing a project over several weeks meant invariably that somebody would miss a class, and then be catching up….. And then because I’m trying to support several things at once I might miss out, for example, in talking about mixing primary colours to make other colours (which I did the first week and forgot the second!). Alas I think this is another reason why the multi session project doesn’t work so well. But hey, it’s about a fun creative time, so I won’t worry too much about it.  A few people still need to paint their canvasses but hopefully I’ll get a shot of them all together.

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