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Oh for a farm!

Oh for a farm! After my recent birthday I am now the proud owner of John Seymour’s The Self Sufficient Life and how to Live It. I have been coveting this book (perhaps not very quietly) since last summer. The book does what it says on the cover and is incredible detailed and thorough. Basically anything you need to know about the self-sufficient life you can find in there.  And on top of that it is an absolutely beautifully illustrated book. So I’ve been spending all my free time pouring over the pages, getting excited about growing things and dreaming/wishing about a farm of our own. Someday! But at least for now we will have to make do in the city, and I’ll have to direct my interest to growing things (and leave the bees, chickens and…..oh, if only, goats, to the future) John Seymour is also the author of The Fat of the Land, which I re-read on an annual basis and then spend at least a month telling everybody who will listen about it. He does tend to rant a little but can be forgiven because the book was written at a time when organic farming and trying to be more self-sufficient was not at all in vogue. His rants that seem a little redundant now were probably quite justified. But I do love the calm and confident “we can do this” approach to learning every aspect of farm life.  An attitude that continues in The Self Sufficient Life.

Today the sun is shinning, and while it’s still cold, it does seem to be suggesting that spring is on the way. So it’s time to turn my attention the veggie garden. This year my aim is to do a better job of planting successive crops on the allotment, allowing for both a late spring and fall harvest. Last year, what with the wedding and honeymoon, we only got things in the ground in June. Inspired by my birthday book (and Four Season Harvest) I am going to try for a supper early start using cold frames, and starting seeds inside. Early things like spinach, lettuce and leeks, I think. And then follow them up with the later veggies. This may mean I’ll have to buy the summer veggies already started since I’m not sure I can come up with space to start them, but that may be a realistic “city garden” compromise.

I’m getting excited just describing it! I guess my plan to harness the “farm dream” energy and direct it full force at the garden patch is working. Wish my luck! Now I just might trot off to Halifax Seed.

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