First Seeds of Spring!

Today I planted the first seeds of spring! In my little pots I started lettuce, swiss chard and spinach. I also made some larger pots out of newspaper for my leeks. My pots are not as sturdy as the pots in the demo because I didn’t have as much newspaper so we will see how they do. If they don’t completely fall apart then they might actually be better as they will decompose faster in the soil. I spoke with an employee at Halifax Seed and asked about sticking the whole pot in the ground with the plants and she said it should really be fine. If I’m worried I can cut down the sides.

I’m trying a technique I read in Four Season Harvest called multiplants. Apparently some crops such as onions leeks and others do fine if you plant several together. You don’t thin them, but plant them on exactly as they germinate, but just give the bunch more space. Supposedly they just gently push each other aside as they grow. I’ve never grown leeks before so I’ll have nothing to compare it to, but I thought I’d have a go.

So everything is now tucked cosily under the plant light. And in case you were wondering what ever happened to the indoor lettuce I was growing, I can tell you that it did work, but we figured it wasn’t really worth it. It was too tricky to set it up where the lettuce had both lots of natural light and the plant light to get things growing quickly, and it just seemed silly to be running the plant light for just a little lettuce. But it was fun anyway, and we had too meals nicely decorated with homegrown greens. Oh, just makes me look forward to summer even more!


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